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Umpire Alumni

Minor League Baseball Umpire Development, formerly known as Professional Baseball Umpire Corp (PBUC), a Minor League Baseball wholly owned subsidiary, first entered into a working agreement to provide its reserve umpires to the Coastal Plain League beginning in 2008. The agreement allows reserve list umpires to continue to develop their skills in a competitive environment, while waiting for the call from MiLB Umpire Development to work Minor League Baseball games. Following the 2018 CPL season, the Coastal Plain League and MiLB Umpire Development extended its agreement through the 2021 CPL season.

“Minor League Baseball is extremely excited about extending our partnership with the Coastal Plain League once again,” said Minor League Umpire Development Director Dusty Dellinger. “We could not have a better environment for our future professional umpires to train and gain such valuable experience.

“Our relationship with the Coastal Plain League has been extremely valuable to our organization in the sense that we can have our next available professional umpires working in an environment in the CPL that is very comparable to what they will face in pro ball. The experience the CPL provides our umpires can’t be matched and we hope that our relationship continues for years to come.”

Since 2008, 144 PBUC reserve umpires have gotten their start in the Coastal Plain League, with an impressive 106 of them moving on since to work games in Minor League Baseball. Furthermore, Nic Lentz became the first former CPL umpire to make it to the Major Leagues on April 20, 2016. Lentz served as the first base umpire during the Washington Nationals and Miami Marlins game along side home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, second base Umpire Scott Barry, and third base umpire Tripp Gibson. Nearly a month later, the CPL witnessed another umpire alum - Roberto Ortiz - make his Major League debut as well. Ortiz, debuted during the Marlins-Nationals game on May 14 in Washington, DC, joining Larry Vanover’s crew for two games of the MIA-WAS doubleheader. He served as the first base umpire alongside HP Umpire David Rackley, 2B Umpire Alfonso Marquez, and 3B Umpire Chris Guccione for Game 1; and as the third base umpire alongside HP Umpire Larry Vanover, 1B Umpire Marquez, and 2B Umpire Guccione for Game 2.

“We have enjoyed working with Dusty and his staff at Minor League Baseball Umpire Development, as well as the numerous reserve umpires that have come through the Coastal Plain League during our partnership,” said CPL COO/Commissioner Justin Sellers. “We feel that our quality of play and overall atmosphere has gone a long way in helping the development of future Minor and Major League Baseball umpires. The number of alumni that have gone on from the CPL into umpiring in professional baseball is strong proof that our relationship has been beneficial to both parties.”

MiLB Umpire Development is responsible for the training, evaluation and recommendation for promotion, retention or release of all umpires in the Minor League Baseball system throughout the United States and Canada.

Below is the listing of MiLB Umpire Development reserve umpires that have come through the Coastal Plain League on their way to professional baseball, and their current status

* Denotes umpire who was called to work in Minor League Baseball but later retired.


Coastal Plain League MiLB Umpire Development Umpire Alumni in Major League Baseball
Umpire  CPL Year(s) Major League Baseball  MLB Debut 
Nicolas Lentz  2008  Major League Baseball  April 20, 2016 
Roberto Ortiz  2009  Major League Baseball  May 14, 2016 
Shane Livensparger  2009  Major League Baseball  June 10, 2017 


Coastal Plain League MiLB Umpire Development Umpire Alumni in Minor League Baseball: Triple-A
Umpire  CPL Year(s) Current Status 
Mike Cascioppo  2009  Pacific Coast League (AAA) 
John Bacon  2008  International League (AAA)
John Bostwick  2008  Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Ryan Clark  2009  International League (AAA) 
Blake Felix  2008  Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Bryan Fields  2008  Pacific Coast League (AAA)
Chris Gonzalez  2009  Pacific Coast League (AAA) 
Nicolas Lentz  2008  International League (AAA) 
Shane Livensparger  2009  International League (AAA) 
Daniel Merzel  2010  International League (AAA) 
Roberto Ortiz  2009  International League (AAA) 
James Rackley 2010  International League (AAA) 
Jeremy Riggs  2009  International League (AAA) 
Nate White  2009  Pacific Coast League (AAA) 
Shaun Lampe  2008  Retired (Highest Level: AAA)
Matt McCoy  2008  Retired (Highest level: AAA) 
Derek Mollica  2008  Retired (Highest level: AAA)


Coastal Plain League MiLB Umpire Development Umpire Alumni in Minor League Baseball: Double-A
Umpire  CPL Year(s) Current Status 
Sean Allen  2010  Texas League (AA) 
Erich Bacchus  2012  Eastern League (AA) 
Ryan Benson  2010  Eastern League (AA) 
Joe George  2011  Southern League (AA) 
Richard Riley  2011-12  Eastern League (AA) 
Randy Rosenberg  2011  Eastern League (AA) 
Jason Starkovich  2011  Southern League (AA) 
Nate Tomlinson  2010-11  Texas League (AA) 
Ben Guttenberger* 2010  Retired (Highest level: AA) 
Ramon Hernandez*  2009  Retired (Highest level: AA) 
Kiff Kinkead*  2008  Retired (Highest level: AA)
Ben Leake*  2008-09  Retired (Highest level: AA) 
David Marcoe* 2010  Retired (Highest level: AA) 
Justin McPherson*  2010  Retired (Highest level: AA) 
Brian Miller* 2010  Retired (Highest level: AA) 
Matt Springer*  2008  Retired (Highest level: AA) 


Coastal Plain League MiLB Umpire Development Umpire Alumni in Minor League Baseball: Single-A
Umpire  CPL Year(s) Current Status 
Justin Anderson  2013  South Atlantic League (A) 
Brock Ballou  2012  Carolina League (Advanced-A) 
Ryan Barneycastle  2014  South Atlantic League (A) 
Matt Carlyon  2013  South Atlantic League (A) 
Adrian Gonzalez  2012  California League (A-Advanced) 
Vincent Jackson  2014  Midwest League (A) 
Jordan Johnson  2013  Florida State League (A-Advanced) 
Austin Jones  2014  Midwest League (A) 
Reid Joyner  2012  Florida State League (A-Advanced) 
Jose Matamoros  2014  Midwest League (A) 
Ryan Powers  2013  South Atlantic League (A) 
Darrell Roberts  2014  South Atlantic League (A) 
Greg Roemer  2013-14  Midwest League (A) 
Brandin Sheeler  2013  Midwest League (A) 
Matt Snodgrass  2013  Florida State League (A-Advanced)
Dave Albertson*  2013  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Jeffrey Andrews*  2009-10  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Evan Barger*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Nick Bayer*  2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Ryan Bealo*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Tucker Beneville*  2012  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Jeff Bottoms* 2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
Nathan Caldwell*  2012  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Andrew Chesnut*  2012  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Charlie Clemons* 2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
TJ Cunningham*  2009-10  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Tyler Curlis* 2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Matthew Deane*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced)
John Durante*  2014  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Andrew Freed*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Asa Gaddy*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Nick Garvey*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Martin Gerich*  2010-11  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
Richard Gonzalez*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced)
Troy Gorra*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Shane Hardy*  2013  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Matt Heersema*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced)
Rene Hilbach-Barger*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
Ben Hughes* 2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Mike Huus* 2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Tyler Jones*  2014  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Dustin Klinghagen*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Ed Leopold*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Jimmy Lott*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Josh Marshall*  2013  Retired (Highest level: A)
Corey Mattea*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Brian McCoy*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
Matt Moore*  2010-11  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Mitchell Morgan*  2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Joseph Muenzer*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Matt Mullins*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Nick Painz*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
Brad Polk*  2011-12  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Rob Porter*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Justin Phillips*  2014  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Farris Pierson*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Mitch Quandt*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)
Dane Ratajski*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Aaron Reynolds*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Jose Rivera*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Fernando Rodgriguez* 2010  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Josh Root*  2011-12  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Patrick Sampsell*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Joe Schwartz*  2014  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
John Silva*  2009  Retired (Highest level: A)
Robert Veloz*  2013  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Sam Vogt*  2011  Retired (Highest level: A-Advanced) 
Cody Waterhouse*  2012  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Cameron Westover*  2011-12  Retired (Highest level: A) 
Chris Wood*  2013  Retired (Highest level: A-Short) 
Jeff Woods* 2008  Retired (Highest Level: A-Advanced)
Tyler Wolpert*  2008  Retired (Highest level: A-Short)


Coastal Plain League MiLB Umpire Development Umpire Alumni in Minor League Baseball: Rookie
Umpire  CPL Year(s) Current Status 
Geoff Arnold*  2011  Retired (Highest level: Rookie) 
John Boccio 2016  Arizona League (Rookie)  
Nick Bray  2016  Arizona League (Rookie)  
Blake Carr  2016  Arizona League (Rookie)  
Connor Culhane  2015  Gulf Coast League (Rookie) 
James Folske  2014-15  Arizona League (Rookie) 
Grant Hinson  2015  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)
Jesse Gonzalez*  2012-13  Retired (Highest level: Rookie) 
Mike O’Leary* 2010  Retired (Highest level: Rookie) 
Roberto Pattison  2016  Arizona League (Rookie)  
Michael Rains*  2014  Retired (Highest level: Rookie) 
Pedro Rivera  2016  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)  
Lance Seilhamer  2016  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)  
Ross Sheridan  2016  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)  
Christopher Silvestri  2016  Arizona League (Rookie)  
Nick Susie*  2014  Retired (Highest level: Rookie) 
Ryan Thacker*  2010  Retired (Highest level: Rookie) 
Taylor Treloar*  2009  Retired (Highest level: Rookie)
Tyler Thurmond  2016  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)  
Anthony Warner  2016  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)  
Russ Weich*  2013  Retired (Highest level: Rookie)  
Matthew Whipple  2016  Gulf Coast League (Rookie)  
Mitch Wilson  2016  Arizona League (Rookie)  


Coastal Plain League MiLB Umpire Development Umpire Alumni - CPL
Umpire  CPL Year(s) Current Status 
Justin Amit  2011-12  Retired 
Josh Armstrong  2011  Retired 
Matthew Ball  2014  Retired 
Doug Becker  2013  Retired 
Jamiel Benjamin  2009  Retired 
John Budka, Jr.  2015  Retired 
Thomas Burrell  2015  Retired 
Kelvis Velez Caminero  2015  Coastal Plain League 
Bryan Childe  2008  Retired 
Matthew Cowan  2015  Retired 
Zach Dart  2011  Retired 
Jesse Estrada  2012  Retired 
Ryan Farnsworth  2010  Retired 
David Frame  2012  Retired 
William Glienke  2014-15  Coastal Plain League 
Dave Hlavac  2014  Coastal Plain League 
Drew Holby  2008  Retired 
Brad Kayholm  2010  Coastal Plain League 
Tim Kreamer  2014  Coastal Plain League 
Wyatt Lee  2012  Coastal Plain League 
Cameron Liffick  2015  Coastal Plain League 
Robert Lothian*  2009  Retired 
Ian Manlove  2013  Coastal Plain League 
Juan Carlos Martinez-Gonzalez  2015  Coastal Plain League 
Mike Mazza  2011  Coastal Plain League 
Rob McHugh  2014-15  Coastal Plain League 
Joe Merchak  2013  Coastal Plain League 
Scott Molloy  2015  Coastal Plain League 
Kyle Nichol  2015  Coastal Plain League 
George Reidel  2012  Retired 
Will Robinson  2015  Coastal Plain League 
Clayton Simmons  2013-14  Coastal Plain League 
Matthew Smith  2014  Coastal Plain League 
Cameron Swallen  2010  Coastal Plain League 
Nick Thul  2012  Coastal Plain League 
Tim Towe  2013-14  Coastal Plain League 
Kyle Wagner  2011-12  Coastal Plain League 
Jim Wells  2011  Coastal Plain League 
Chance Wilcott  2012  Coastal Plain League 
Cameron Young  2012  Coastal Plain League